Anonymous: Fine cx I'm going to head to bed now cutie, goodnight babe <3

Good cx Okay beautiful, sleep well. <3 goodnight babe <3

Anonymous: Whatever you say cx (but you are cuter.)

Noooooo no you are the cutest one and I’m making that official c;

Anonymous: I am not c;

Yess you are :p

Your kiss feels like home and I’m so fucking homesick. (via lovesthecure) 168,128 notes
Anonymous: You're so sweet and cute aaah <3

Aaahh awww. <3 And so are you so we’re even c: <3

Anonymous: I try not too, but I'm always paranoid about being sick, because I despise hospitals. Don't worry about me babe, nothing's going to happen <3

I know, shit hospitals freak me out, I hate looking at them. But I highly doubt you’ll get that sick. I know babe but that won’t stop me from caring about you. <3

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Anonymous: I'm kind of hoping it's that, because some of my family is like this as well, so I'm hoping it's just allergies. But I'll be okay, thank you for worrying about me though <3

I think it’s just allergies love, don’t worry. And you’re welcome, I always worry about you. <3

Anonymous: Thank you, haha c: That would be brilliant, love. I hate being sick, and it seems like that I keep getting more and more sick as the months go on.

Welcome c: Aaah okay, I’ll be on my way love. I know, I hate being sick too. But aw sweetie :\ Maybe it’s allergies, it is allergy season, sadly.


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